Owning a yacht can involve quite some paperwork, and this can be especially important when buying or selling a yacht. Proper care of documents may also be required at other times too. VAT related matters, surveys for insurance purposes, valuation reports for financing. Bart de Ven has sworn and certificated yacht brokers able to quickly and efficiently take care of paperwork and red tape on your behalf.

Bart de Ven was recently contacted by a buyer who had already signed the purchase agreement for his yacht. Before the definitive transfer of ownership, he had some outstanding questions related to both legal clauses and practical matters such as the survey and sea trial.

These issues had to be addressed at short notice due to time constraints in the contract. We advised the owner to find and hire a good surveyor and negotiate with the seller based on the findings of the survey. This work, including travel expenses to southern Europe, was carried out on a commission basis.

Bart de Ven is presently representing an owner who wishes to have his yacht’s VAT status properly documented. We have contacted the original shipyard and suppliers as part of the search for the original invoices and documents.