Bart de Ven will regularly offer yachts for sale and act as the Central Agent/Broker on behalf of an owner. Details of such yachts are available on this website.

Alternatively, Bart de Ven will be pleased to be of assistance if you’re thinking about buying a yacht. This actually represents a significant part of our daily work. From search & selection to surveys, sea trials and closing the deal, we have the expertise you require.

Bart de Ven had lengthy discussions with a European client who wanted to find out if he was better off buying a specific motoryacht in the United States and use her in Europe. Our calculations showed that this was not the best option when factors such as the Atlantic crossing and conversion of the onboard systems were considered. Instead, Bart de Ven managed to find a similar American-built boat that was already in Europe and had European specifications. In other cases, it was found to be quite worthwhile to scout the US market for a yacht.